The municipality of Klinë/Klina lies in the north-western part of Kosovo.The municipality comprises a total of 54 villages including Klinë/Klina town, which is located at the confluence of the river Klina in the Drini I Bardhë/ Beli Drim river basin. The estimated population is 55,000. The minority community is composed of Serbs, Roma, Ashkalli and Egyptians (around 2,000). One of the most attractive tourism destinations in the municipality is the Mirusha / Miruša waterfalls, a chain of waterfalls situated to the south of the Gremnik Mountains, forming one of 12 waterfalls of the 13 river lakes within the 10km canyon. This canyon has also been designated a Regional Natural Park. The waterfalls, with their landscape of rocks and caves, are a magnifi cent sight. One of the caves is particularly well known for its rich stalactites, stalagmites and columns of different shapes and sizes. This is the Dushi/Duši cave located near the village.of Sferkë/Sverhe. Among the few surviving cultural heritage sites in the municipality is the tower of Mark Rustem Jakaj in Ranoc/Renovac village. It is constructed of stone and brick, with rich façade decoration that distinguishes it from the other fortifi ed stone kulla residential structures in the region. A traditional female occupation in this area is the production of costumes woven on the loom and decorated with different colors. It is a handicraft that still exists, and it creates the potential for an attractive product that has developed from the skilled handiwork of women from Klinë/Klina municipality.

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