Gjakovë/Ðakovica municipality is located in the south-western part of Kosovo, and has a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants. It consists of the main town, with about 90,000 residents, and 84 villages with around 60,000 people. Besides the majority of Kosovo Albanians, the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian community represent the biggest minority group in the municipality, numbering around 8,600 persons. The old town of Gjakovë/Ðakovica was one of the most developed trade centres during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. A testimony to this period is the Grand Bazaar located in the centre of the old town, containing many preserved and restored shops and residential buildings. The Bazaar developed around the Hadum Mosque, built in 1594-95 as a donation by Hadum Sylejman Efendia (known as Hadum Aga); he simultaneously donated funds for other public facilities in the town, including some of the fi rst shops in the old marketplace.A huge variety of crafts were developed in this Bazaar, including metalwork, leatherwork, woodwork and carpentry, textile production, tinsmiths, saddlers, and so on. One of these which still exists today – and is recognised as a potential “brand” for Gjakovë/Ðakovica – is cradle-making. The signifi cance of this craft demonstrates the artistic imagination of the craftsman in the representation of traditional beliefs relating to the protection of newborn children. Several old bridges lead to the Grand Bazaar. The most characteristic are the Tailor’s Bridge (18th century) and the Tanner’s Bridge (17th century), both lying across the Erenik River, and Taliqi’s bridge, built in 1816 on the Krena/Krena River. The natural heritage of Gjakovë/Ðakovica municipality, such as the Park of Shkugëza/ Škugez, Radoniqi/Radonici Lake and the Drini i Bardhë/Beli Drim (White Drini) Canyon, is recognized by the local population as being highly attractive for visitors and for outdoor activities and sport tourism development

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